The Miracle Morning

“Transform your life before 8:00 am” 6-60 mins

Buildings Habits Takes 30 Days

1-10 “uugghh” don’t quit!

11-20 “hmmmm” feels normal

21-30 “yayyy” part of your identity

Wake-Up Routine

  1. Brush teeth immediately
  2. Drink glass of water fast
  3. Make bed

  1. Silence
  • sit cross-legged & upright
  • close eyes
  • focus on breath, inhale 3 secs, exhale 3 secs

  1. Recite your affirmations
  • articulate & note how you want your life to look in every area
  • clarify motives by asking why you want what you want
  • what are you committed to do to get these?

  1. Visualize your perfect day
  • visualize how you look and how you feel as you achieve your goals

  1. Note down goals
  • e.g. “lessons learned” & “new commitments”
  • helps get focused on short term and long term goals

  1. Read some
  • read books on personal development
  • goal: 2-10 pages per day
  • re-read, highlight, take notes; improves recall
  • and write!

  1. Exercise
  • morning is better, too exhausted in evening
  • e.g. push-ups, crunches, run, yoga, 7-min workout
  • even if only 1 min, enough to get heart rate up, blood pumping, lungs filled with oxygen