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Vipassana for Hackers is the sister website to There you will find papers (PDFs) regarding practical meditation.

Preethi’s Week Notes

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  • Coursera JHU Data Science Specialization - That’s all Preethi.
  • Permanent Residence in Canada - Preethi.
  • Half Marathon Number Two.

  • Suññ - Find a Silent Space to meditate, near you.
  • Vipassana for Hackers, Paper Three
  • Vipassana for Hackers, Paper Four
  • Vipassana for Hackers, The Proposal
  • Vipassana for Hackers, The Earth Pagoda Manual
  • Die Standing Up - A book about health.
  • Margaret Atwood’s Masterclass - Steven.
    • To read: The Blind Assassin